[img src=]7500Home-made fast food, 1959
[img src=]4320Arrested in Southeast Asia protesting the American War against Viet Nam, Laos, and Cambodia, 1968
[img src=]3850Arrested at a US base in UK, 1969
[img src=]4180Gardening, 1990
[img src=]3290My mate, Chica, on her 4th birthday, 2011
The reason that there are no photos of members of my family in this gallery is not because I am in love with myself, but due to requests for privacy. Chica though, when asked, indicated that she was not bothered one way or the other.
[img src=]3480Spuds for dinner, 1991
[img src=]3560All dressed up and nowhere to go, 2003
[img src=]1370Nigel at Fifi's, 2004
[img src=]3440With shipmates, lost at sea somewhere near the Scilly Isles, 2004
[img src=]1620Becoming a Doctor of Philosophy, 2009
Check out the tie.
[img src=]3410With Sudanese artist and friend, Khalid Hamid, Khartoum, Sudan, 2009
[img src=]1940An old ruin –visiting another old ruin, Sudan 2009
[img src=]1780Not another reject slip! 2010
[img src=]2750My old mate Einstein, commenting on my speech, 2011
[img src=]303070th birthday photo in the garden. Check out the threads
[img src=]3380My portrait at ages 50, 60, and 70, by the celebrated West Australian artist, Greg Baker
Check out his website: <a href="" target="_blank" style="text-decoration:underline"></a>
[img src=]1690My portrait by Grace, 2013
[img src=]1420Being a Grandad, 2011
[img src=]2460Bearing an olive leaf for Peace. (Actually a bit of bamboo), 2011
[img src=]890Whatever he's on about, she probably wishes she'd never asked, 2014
[img src=]2680My first home: the shed in which I was born in April 1941, and where I spent my first year
[img src=]2430Gone up in the world: my home in Australia since 1988
[img src=]1510Gone up even further in the world: planking on my roof, 2013
[img src=]2540With a sponsored child in Viet Nam, 2003
[img src=]2390With a sponsored child in Cambodia, 2007
[img src=]720Publicity for a book in which I was interviewed,2014
[img src=]420Working as a volunteer labourer in Tacloban after the typhoon, 2014
[img src=]38075th birthday - 2016