Daniel the Dreamer













Plantagenet Press, Australia


Daniel lives in a town where the inhabitants are as poor as caterpillars in a car factory. The streets are littered and dirty, the matchbox houses grey. But Daniel dreams of a world of beauty and colour. But will Daniel ever be able to realise his dream?


Once in a while a book appears that has that something extra, that special quality which says, ‘Read me’. Such books often speak from and to the heart. They usually possess a number of layers of meanings and can be enjoyed at each level. They become the favourites and are read again and again, often until the child knows the story by heart. Daniel the Dreamer is that sort of book. The subtle text speaks of the importance of dreams and ideals. Gray writes superbly. His choice of words, his ability to describe a scene or situation simply yet meaningfully and his gentle, humorous way of exploring significant themes mark him as an outstanding writer. Cathryn Crowe, Courier Mail


A delightful new children’s book. It’s subtle message has been beautifully presented in a rare harmony between writer and illustrator that captures the imagination of young and old alike.The Western Review


A valuable parable. The West Australian