Books for Adults

Laugh you buggers laugh collection of poems

Laugh, You Buggers, Laugh – Selected poems (1967-179) and the life and times that inspired them – 2016


His Story – A novel memoir – The Life and Times of Dick O’Toole – Novel/ autobiography,  2013

Cover of strangers

Strangers – Novel, 2000

Skeleton in the Cupboard

Skeleton in the Cupboard  – Stories,  2000

Happy Families cover

Happy Families – Novel, 1985

Life Sentence Cover

Life Sentence – Stories ,1984

Cover of The Rebels and hostage

The Rebels and the Hostage –  Novel (with David Craig), 1976

Cover of the worst of times

The Worst of Times – History of the Depression in Britain ( Preface by Richard Hoggart ), 1986

Cover of The Silent Majority

The Silent Majority – Study of the working class in post war British fiction, 1973

Writers Talking – Conversations with Brian Aldiss, Paul Bailey, John Berger, Malcolm Bradbury, Dick Davies, John Fowles, Barry Hines, Donall MacAmlaigh, Roger McGough, and Peter Vansittart, 1989.

Cover of Come Close

Come Close – Poems (with linocuts by Ken Sprague), 1978

Phoenix Country Cover

Phoenix Country – Editor : anthology of prose, poems, and pictures about the American War in Vietnam, 1980