Doctor Frankenstein’s Other Monster

Doctor Frankensteins Other Monster


Csi Books, Australia

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This book was previously published under the title, Doctor Frank’s Monster, by Random House, Australia.

Doctor Frankenstein sets out to make himself a son, but things don’t go according to plan and he makes a little monster by mistake. This is a story, told with wit and pizzaz, about how hard it is for a child to make friends when he or she is perceived as being different or unusual. But, of course, there’s a happy ending.


This book received rave reviews when it was first published in 1993. With its eight short chapters, it’s a perfect book for early independent readers. I would urge all parents and teachers to make sure they have a copy of this clever little book. Good Reading Magazine


It’s pleasure to see this book republished. With it’s non-scary Frankenstein/monster story, very short text (in proper chapters) and amusing illustrations, the story combines themes of rejection and making friends. It’s both a delightful and a very clever book. Highly recommended. Magpies 


This story is told in simple but extremely clever language. A great yarn. Impeccable text. An irresistible invitation to reading. Australian Bookseller


Crazy humour, energy and word play make this a winner. Primary Focus


This book confronts human feeling in a fun way. The author has cleverly used word patterns which makes this a good resource in the language area. Recommended. Review 


A breezy, enjoyable style. A good book for the reader who has just started to read independently. Magpies (1993)