It’ll All Come Out In The Wash













Harper & Row, UK

Harper & Row, USA

Fitzhenry & Whiteside, Canada


All children want to try grown-up tasks. And many, like the little girl in this story – who splatters herself with paint, floods the kitchen floor, and drowns her dad with breakfast – meet with frustration and minor disaster on the way. But it’s all right not to be perfect, as this gentle story shows.


The light touch, the child-oriented message, and the element of disaster-humour that so appeals to young children contribute to a pleasant read-aloud story. Bulletin for the Centre for Children’s books


The little girl learns. So does the mother. So do our children. And so do we. And that is a fine arrangement, is it not? The jersey Journal


A wonderfully amusing book. The Foothills Trader


Kids really respond to this book. Prineville Newspaper


A delightful book. Jackson Daily News