Night Music









Random House, Australia

Life often seems to be a series of events that are totally unexpected. But if you could look at it all from a distance, as an outsider, even briefly, these events wouldn’t be unexpected at all. Night Music is no ordinary ‘young adult’ story of bad skin and back seats. It’s the story of two kinds of love, both wonderful and difficult: first love and the love that can bind a family together. And it’s a story of commitment and courage.


This very fine novel is impelling for its honesty and lack of sensationalism. If you decide to read it, you will be rewarded with a great new Australian novel. Rippa Reading


A fast-paced story of courage, commitment and love. Exciting, funny, thought-provoking and honest. Down to Earth Nigel Gray writes directly to an audience he clearly understands and enjoys. Enthused readers will love this novel for the same reasons tired critics will hate it. Night Music contains all of the humour, vitality, compassion, perception and excitement one hopes to find in a good book for teenagers. Glyn Parry


A stunning novel for older readers. Magpies