Running Away From Home





Shortlisted for the APA Award









Red Fox, Australia

Red Fox, UK

Random House, Australia

Andersen Press, UK

Random House, USA

Livro Technico, Brazil


Fed up and cross with his bossy and obstreperous dad, Sam shouts, ‘I don’t want to live with you ever again. I’m leaving home!‘ But while Sam is sheltering under the house from the pouring rain he starts to feel rather lonely. Perhaps he should give his parents one last chance…


A delightful picture book. Primary Focus


It has a childhood theme that could be everyone’s story. Spellbound six- and seven-year-olds will nod approval. Naomi Lewis, Evening Standard


A story that will strike chords with many a five-to-seven-year-old. Sunday Telegraph


A gentle, humorous story. The Rattler


A super picture book. The Mail


This will strike a cord with all under fives. Parents Magazine


It is a wonderful story , expressing what most children experience at one time or another. The text is simple and easy to read but uses exciting language. Highly recommended. Department of Education


A sensitive study of families and feelings. Recommended. Magpies 


The feelings of anger, pain and being alone in the world are beautifully captured. A triumph of co-ordination of text and illustration. Times Educational Supplement