The Silent Majority













Vision Press, UK

Barnes & Noble, USA


This is an outstanding example of the new school of socially and politically committed literary criticism. Opening with a witty and provocative commentary on the condition and attitudes of the working class, Nigel Gray proceeds to a carefully documented analysis of the work of such writers as Barry Hines, Keith Waterhouse, Brendan Behan, David Storey, Bill Naughton and Alan Sillitoe. The result is a study that challenges comparison with Richard Hoggart’s The Uses of Literacy.


A good book to have: in its experience, its comments and its analysis. Raymond Williams, Times Higher Literary Supplement


Witty, provocative and a delight to read. Nigel Gray has a very perceptive pen. Time Out


Disarmingly honest, and fresh in style. David Lodge, Birmingham Post


A fine work, touched with humour, compassion and a righteous anger. Tribune


Compulsive reading. A book that really is difficult to put down. Subtle, perceptive and convincing. Morning Star


 NG. And my personal favourite: Nigel Gray is ignorant, half-educated, and crude. Robert Nye, The Guardian